Anti-speeding device now mandatory for new cars in the EU

The EU has mandated that all new vehicles must be fitted with automatic speed-limiting technology in a bid to reduce the number of speed-related collisions and deaths.

From July 6, Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) must be installed in all new vehicles sold in EU member states as part of new safety regulations. For new models already in showrooms, manufacturers will need to have the automatic speed-limiting systems installed from July 7 2024.

The systems use GPS and cameras to identify speed limits and warn drivers to slow down, and if they don’t it can restrict engine power to reduce their speed. However, drivers are able to override the technology by pushing slightly harder on the acceleration pedal.

Other measures included as part of the EU safety regulation includes driver drowsiness warning systems, in-vehicle ‘black boxes’, emergency stop signals, tyre pressure monitoring, alcohol immobilisers, and lane-changing assistants. The general requirements apply to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles as well as buses and heavy commercial vehicles.

“The rollout of ISA is a huge step forward for road safety and has the potential to dramatically reduce road traffic injuries and fatalities. Car manufacturers now have the opportunity to maximise the potential ISA presents for creating safer roads for all,” said the European Commission in a press release.

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