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…If you’ll notice the hinges for the door are located on the outside of the vehicle. Furthermore there is no locking mechanism around them. Using the tool that Bosnian Bill and I made in video 629, we should be able to open this door quite quickly. I’ll be sure to provide a link for that video in the description. To use this tool you simply press the round end against the bottom of the hinge, pull back on the spring loaded mechanism, let go, and just like that we got it open. Alright, as you can see folks, I wouldn’t secure my uparmored vehicle with this particular door, and I would advise you not to as well. In any case, that’s all I have for you today. If you do have any questions or comments about this, please put the below. If you like this video and would like to see more like it, please subscribe. And as always, have a nice day.

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