Hipster lawyer explains which car was at fault in a viral video that saw two cars collide

Lawyer weighs in on viral rear-end collision which divided the internet by making his own video about the crash – so do you agree with his verdict?

  • Sydney lawyer has explained on TikTok which car was at fault in a collision video
  • Footage shows rear-end collision at traffic lights in Bankstown between two cars
  • The silver vehicle merges from the right lane to turn left into a side street 
  • A black Toyota Yaris speeds up in the left lane before crashing into the silver car 
  • Lawyer Johan Kalantar concluded the black vehicle was at fault for the collision  
  • While both cars contributed, Mr Kalantar said the back car has to keep a lookout 

By Manoli Luxford For Daily Mail Australia

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A Sydney lawyer has given his verdict as to who was at fault in a traffic collision that went viral on social media.

The original video posted on Monday showed a silver Hyundai and a black Toyota Yaris collide at a set of traffic lights in Bankstown in south-western Sydney.

While the silver Hyundai merged from the right lane and proceeded to turn left into a side street, the black Toyota Yaris sped up before smashing into the rear of the silver vehicle.

Solicitor Jahan Kalantar used his legal expertise in creating an offbeat video analysing the collision.

Sydney solicitor Johan Kalantar believed the silver vehicle slowed down at the traffic lights, but ultimately it is up to the back vehicle to keep a lookout

‘If you look here [at the video], the collision is definitely the fault of the black car,’ Mr Kalantar said.

While Mr Kalantar believes the silver vehicle in front didn’t turn effectively and also slowed down unexpectedly, he added: ‘It’s up to the car in the back to keep a safe lookout.’

The lawyer mentioned the video is a clear case of ‘Res Ipsa Loquitur’, a Latin term used in law, meaning let the facts speak for themselves.

Mr Kalantar concluded: ‘There’s definitely an element of contributory negligence. However, it’s the black car’s fault.’

Despite Mr Kalantar’s opinion on who was at fault, many viewers are not convinced and still believe the silver vehicle caused the crash.

One user said: ‘Based on the previous video, it looks like this was an intentional act – brake-checked the black car – doesn’t that override usual rules?’

While another said: ‘If the silver car is turning in front of the car, he is in the wrong for approaching from the right lane also when it’s not safe.’

While Mr Kalantar concluded the black vehicle was ‘definitely at fault’, many viewers are still convinced the silver vehicle caused the collision

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